Max jumps back into the fray right after a long Easter weekend only to find out that the Donald has been on a tear, attacking everyone else for our problems. The list was a long one, Mexico, the FBI, the DOJ, the news media, and of course Amazon which in particular has got under his skin lately.

This Bunny is freaking me out

Max has a wonderful theory on why Trump keeps attacking Amazon, it’s because he is shorting the stock. In other words it’s a way for the Donald to make some money. Perhaps Max misunderstood Trumps skill as a very stable genius. Or wouldn’t it be better if Donald said he was proud that Amazon is an American business that is looking to expand by 50,000 people on his watch. Max then delves into Donald Trump’s brain and is not too impressed with what he finds in there. But it’s good to know that Trump, who has the pick of the world’s brain power, decides to meet with Sean Hannity and Don King. Finally Max digs into the amazing brain power of Donald Trump’s cabinet. 

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