Max is back, and what a day it is, as Max had every intention to talk about the amazing growth in the deficit, the fact that we seem to be governed by Fox & Friends and of course how the Trump tariffs will hurt Americans including farmers.

Psstt.. Listen to me.. Lie for me and all will be well. Psstt.. No don’t listen to him, listen to me, tell the truth, it shall set you free

But this was not to be, as Max has to talk about the hot news of the day, and that is that The Trumpsters personal lawyer, who himself has a lawyer (only in Trumpland), has three locations raided by the Feds. Somehow the Feds got into Cohen’s hotel room, home and offices all on the same day and time. In fact they even grabbed Cohen’s cell phone from his hands. And Max thought he had seen it all in Trumpland already. As a lawyer friend of Max’s explains, there had to have been serious examples of criminal activity for the Feds to act this way. Trump likes to surround himself with loyal sycophants who it is now clear, are really not that good at their jobs. Next Max segue’s to go after the Democrats who he wonders still to do this day, what it is they stand for. Meanwhile of course Max cannot forget about Stormy Daniels, which for the Donald must be the most expensive one night stand in history.

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