Max is in shock, what will he do now that Paul Ryan is retiring? Max will have to come up with a new nickname for the next speaker, but calling Ryan the Cowardly Lion had made Max’s day, day in and day out.

Gosh, I think I got the deficit and Trump wrong

So Max has to look how well Paul Ryan has done with regards to policy after twenty years in Congress. Ryan who ran on making sure entitlements were out of control were to be rained in, that all deficits were really, really, really bad, that and that by golly we need tax cuts for the rich as it will all trickle down. So how did Paul Ryan do after twenty years at the government teat? Well since he became Speaker the deficit has doubled, and will stay over $1tr for the foreseeable future, he has done nothing to reign in entitlements, nor to repeal Obamacare which was a key policy platform for him. This did not stop Ryan from claiming that he had “accomplished much of what I intended to do,” this leads Max to question what is It exactly is it that Ryan has accomplished? Then Max has to review Trumps Tweets where he compares his shiny missiles to his pal Putin. 

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