Max starts the week in shock and amazement, as it turns out Shallow Hall AKA Sean Hannity was the Third Man, or really the third client of Michael Cohen. 

Well I may have paid Cohen ten bucks, but I really can’t remember, either way, Obama did it

Of course Max is amazed that Cohen could actually feed his family by only having three clients for the past eighteen months but there it is. Anyway, it turns out that Hannity was the third client of Cohen, and seeing as the other two used Cohen to pay off mistresses, well Hannity needed to put any speculation to rest fast. Max wonders what it is about these middle aged GOPers, and the need to pay off woman, and all through Cohen? Can they not get laid any other way? Mind you they are not exactly good looking men. Max cannot help himself but chuckle over Hannity’s twisting in the wind as one minute he states that Cohen did not do any legal work but the realizing that oops, that means no attorney client privilege, so Sean changed his tune and said, “well I may have paid him 10 bucks.” Way to go Sean.

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