Max hits the midweek mark by trying to understand, as best he can anyway, what it is that the GOP so called middle tax cut has done for the middle class.

Hey guys, we’re white, male, rich and old. No one touch us. After all only poor people should pay a price

Loading up his glass with a good Scotch Max digs right in to see if anyone, anywhere to help the average working American. First up is the Stormy Daniels affair in which Donald Trump, as ever shows what a classy guy he is by saying the sketch of the person who supposedly threatened her was in fact a “con job.” Naturally this now opens up Donald Trump for a defamation suit from Daniels. Something tells Max that Trump does not think things through before he speaks, or Tweets. Then Max gets into the Michael Cohen affair where we have learned that Sean Hannity was the Third Man, AKA client of Cohen. Also turns out Fox News didn’t know either. But hey, no biggie for the Fox News brass, as “we support Hannity.” Finally Max digs into Trumps vendetta against the “worst FBI Director in history” James Comey. 

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