Max Weekend finds Max without any alcohol in the studio with him, which prompts him to wonder if he can manage to create a worthwhile show given that he is stone cold sober. Max starts the program by asking yet again if anyone in DC has done anything to help the average working man or woman, and as usual the answer is no.

Will no one rid me of this troublesome porn star?

The first subject is James Comey and his memos which were released to both Republicans and Democrats, but shock horror for the Republicans who pushed for their release, they do not contradict anything that Comey has said earlier in public. What the memos do is prove that Trump was fascinated with the story that he spent time with Russian prostitutes, which Donald then asked Comey to prove the story wrong. So the President of the United States asked the head of the FBI to disprove that he had not slept with hookers. Amazing! Bottom line, the release of the memos proves Comey as a serial truth teller and even more amazingly bought back into the public discourse conversation around Donald Trumps “pee pee tapes.” Then Max gets into a long quote from the Donald that Max finds so amazing he has to read it twice. 

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