Max is a day late but not a dollar short as he digs into the start of the week by going all the action going on Trumpland and what a better place to start than trying to understand what is going on in Sean Hannity’s brain, which as a trained specialist Max is qualified to do, so please do not try this at home. 

My thumb is bigger Sean

Once again Max laments the fact people like Hannity are letting their own audience down but as they really don’t care about their audience, all they have to do is support Donald Trump no matter what and they can feel good about themselves. Max then revisits the Comey memos and the fact that some of those memos were classified after he leaked them. More importantly it now seems that one item included in the memos about Donald claiming he was not in Moscow when he could have started in the infamous pee pee tape, turns out that he was in Moscow based on a private flight that he was on. So would you now bet that Donald was NOT with hookers in Moscow? Next Max jumps to Ronny Jackson, Trumps nominee to run the VA, but like so many people in Trumpland was chosen for the job because he claims that Trump can do most things mere mortals cannot.  Then Max try’s to figure out what it is about these guys around Trump who claim to be rich, yet Manafort essentially is broke, and Cohen had to borrow money from his own in-laws. Finally Max explains why the Democrats are the real deficit hawks and why he does not need gratuitous male full frontal nudity in Game of Thrones. 

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