Max hits his Thursday show by drinking heavily as he had, quite by accident sat through Trumps manic interview on Fox and Friends where even the hosts had a look of shock and horror as the interview spiraled out of control.

Oh shit

In fact it’s not often that you hear about an interview with any sitting president of the United States and the HOSTS are the ones who want to end the interview. In watching the interview unfold, Max had the distinct impression that the hosts and the control room were trying to save Donald from himself. Max was actually quite amazed that the hosts asked some questions knowing full well he could say he it was all a lie, instead Trump went after Comey, NBC, the FBI, Mueller, the Justice Department, and yes, the President of the United States found time to talk about Kane West. The big reveal was of course that Michael Cohen represented him on the “Crazy Stormy Daniels thing.” Max brings up the point that Fox could have been on the verge of breaking some big news on Trump, but instead felt the need to serve Trump and not their audience or their country. Exhausted by all this, Max finds only a few minutes to talk about Scott Pruitt and Michael Cohen taking the fifth.

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