Max hits Hump Day by once again being drawn into Trumps mental health and personality by analyzing his Tweets and general disposition. All this has been bought on of course as we find out that Trump dictated his own medical bulletin so he would be the “healthiest president ever.” 

Look, as Russians selling this power to Fox News we should be pleased it has worked out so amazingly well

Then it turns out that Trump sent a bunch of heavies over to the doctor’s office to take away Donald’s medical records. Max is beginning to think that Trump gets his ideas from Tony Soprano. Really, who could make this stuff up? Then Trump decides he might take over his own Justice Department if they don’t do as he says, although Max does have a theory… Trump is like Chancy Gardner, the Peter Sellers character who gets his world view from TV. At the end of the movie Chancy walks on water because no one has told him he cannot. Max believes Trump would think he could do that too? Someone please ask him if he can walk on water. Then it turns out that repealing the Obamacare mandate will increase insurance rates. And who said this? Yes the Republicans. And finally Max echos others and says its time for fresh leadership of the Democrats…. Nancy!

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