Max starts his week in review from the Max Miller studios as usual wondering if anyone in DC land has done anything to help the average working men and woman. Of course it’s been a busy week and Max wonders if he will even be able to cover all the news coming out of DC in only 30 minutes.

Rudy, if you want to grab a woman properly, you have to do it like this

Of course he has to start with Rudy Giuliani and his famous foot in mouth week of exclamations. Max reviews where we were just two weeks ago, to place into context what has happened this week. This includes covering Donald’s various doctors, Trump hires a new lawyer who he said he wouldn’t hire, and of course the famous Stormy Daniels non-denial, which became a denial which then became nothing true at all, to well yes, it was a pay off, but just to protect Trumps family. Got that? And of course Donald said the phrase “oh goodness.”  Yup, we’re supposed to believe Trump said “oh goodness.” After placing his foot firmly in mouth on multiple occasions, Donald made Rudy put out a statement to update what he really meant which Max is fascinated by. Max goes into why, given all the woman who have accused him of bad behavior  is Donald so intent on not admitting anything happened with Stormy Daniels. 

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