Max hits the week late, but jumps right into the Don & Rudy show. Now remember, the purpose of the Maxter’s show has anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat done anything recently to help the average working man or woman? Unfortunately the answer is no.

That’s not me. That’s all a lie. Who is this woman anyway?

And it’s no surprise that nothing is happening to help the average working man or woman when you think of all the energy that goes into defending Donald Trump’s behavior.  After all that, there is no energy left for you and me. So Rudy is out there making life worse for his boss, when he simply opens his mouth. Next Max digs into the latest news on how the massive middle-class tax cut is helping the GOP. Oh wait. It isn’t helping them at all. Which just goes to prove you can fool only some of the people some of the time. Next Max gets into Eric Schneiderman the New York attorney general, who resigns after four women accuse him of assault, yet Trump has had 19 women accuse him of bad behavior and the GOP doesn’t care. Somehow the GOP thinks it’s a good idea to say Schneiderman should leave and not Trump. Finally Trumps approval rating still hovers around 40% proves yet again that really Trump is not a Republican and is helping the Democrats. 

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