Max hits his stride as the weekend comes into view, but still finds time to feel good about himself as it turns out that Max was right all along about Sean Hannity who he calls Shallow Hall.

Look, they weren’t Fox News viewers. So no one cares anyway

Because, shock horror Sean it turns out really is shallow. At one time Sean believed in the constitution, no deficit and character counts. Now we can add to that it turns out that Hannity is a slum landlord, no doubt many of them Fox New viewers who are not even going to benefit from the GOP tax cut or from Trumps “beautiful” healthcare. This all makes sense of course as Hannity has said that Michael Cohen only did some minor work for him and advice on real estate. So they are all connected after all. It all flows through Cohen. On another front Sean Hannity does not have the guts to stand up for his fellow “journalists” when attacked by Donald Trump. Meanwhile Cohen received money from AT&T for supposedly advice on helping them merge with Time Warner. So now Cohen is raking in money to sell access to the Trumpster, who of sounds like Sgt Shultz from Hogan’s Hero’s and says “I know nothing. Nothing!” Finally Max names his scuzzbag of the week.

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