Max starts the week by wondering what the Max Miller Dog is dreaming about as he lays about the studio. Max starts by thanking Sean Hannity otherwise known as Shallow Hal for it turns out as Trumps BFF, he is talking to Donald every night probably as they eat a Happy Meal, and trying to keep him on even keel.

He Is Truly My Greatest Host

Uh no, Hannity is doing none of those things. He is reinforcing Trumps persecution issues to the detriment of his own viewers and listeners. But he is not called “Shallow Hall” for nothing. Max wonders if Hannity will call out Trump for saying he wants to help Chinese company ZTE because many Chinese jobs are at stake. As the Donald said, ZTE buys American components.. Uh yes they do. But ZTE was banned from buying US components because our own security forces are saying the finished products could be used to spy on us! Holy cow! Yet Donald wants to override his own advisers. Then Max digs into how this all ties together with China, ZTE, Iran, American farmers and of course a game of golf. Finally wonders how many times Mika from Morning Joe says the word “wow.” 

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