Max hits the mid-week mark by reexamining his commitment to being an independent, and reminds his listeners that he supports some of Trumps ideas; infrastructure, beautiful healthcare, trade that’s free but fair, and a solid middle class tax cut.

So sure, I did promise to take on China, drug prices, infrastructure. But how can I focus on the little things when I need to deal with this?

Big prob though.. we will see it…? Max is ever the optimist and keeps looking for anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat doing anything to help the average working American. Max starts by revisiting the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem, even though this was a few days ago now, but Max has had time to think about this. Next Max revisits Trumps campaign promises, including standing up to big business, big pharma, China and Russia. How is that going so far? Max goes through the list one by one to explain not that well. Big business is buying back stock, big pharma was let off the hook just the other week. China and Russia are of course in their own category. Next we discover that Trump made money from the businesses he never gave up, including the Trump hotel in DC where foreign governments and other people wanting to curry favor with Donald like to stay. And let’s not forget that Mar-a-Lago charges the Secret Service for using golf carts. Max is not making this up. Finally it turns out Trump did pay Stormy Daniels after all. 

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