Max starts out by explaining the startling statistic that more school children have been killed so far in 2018 than people in the United States armed services. And I thought we were supposed to protect our children.

I cannot believe that Bezos guy is wealthier than me

At what point will the politicians who always hold up Churchill as an example of courage, fail to protect our own children. Next Max jumps into what the word collusion actually means, because even though Trump Jr tried to collude with the Russians, he failed. But if Trump had not been so ham-fisted the Mueller investigation would probably not have happened. In other words, Trump bought this on to himself. Next Max decides to question Shallow Hal (Sean Hannity) manhood, as obviously the man is not a true friend to the president and the country and clearly does not understand what the word “courage” actually means. Next Max digs into Trumps animosity towards Amazon and Jeff Bezos, which Max wonders is caused by Amazons failure to deliver his regular supply of Depends undergarments on time.

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