Max starts off by pointing out that he is not an athlete, and is amazed that by having a personal trainer he has learnt how to stretch properly. He is even more amazed in the results of stretching properly. This just goes to show that Max really is not an athlete in any shape fashion or form.

My nukes are bigger than your nukes

After going off at a tangent, Max endeavors to get things back on track by talking about Trump cancelling the meeting with Kim Jong-un and the even more fantastical letter that the White House sent to the North Korean leader. Max also digs into yet again Trump’s idea of fixing the trade issues with China, whereas China is connecting all things together, American farmers, North Korea, ZTE, and so on. Meanwhile Trump is out maneuvered in every way. Remember when Trump “trade wars were an easy win.” As if to back this up Max reminds us that in many ways he supports Trumps ideas, trade reform, infrastructure and so on. The trouble is Trump is wholly incapable of executing any of this. Next Max gets into the letter the White House sent to Kim Jong un which clearly Trump was so proud of that he had it released to the public, unfortunately it looked like is written by a bunch of twelve year old kids. Finally Max has to remind everyone that the Cowardly Lion, AKA Paul Ryan, really is the world’s biggest hypocrite.

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