Max hits the extended holiday weekend with an IPA in one hand and a microphone in the other. As he looks back over the week that was, Max as usual is determined to see if anyone, Democrat or Republican has done anything recently to help the average working man or women.

As I am not Scumbag of the week, can I get down from the naughty step now?

And as usual the answer is a resounding no. After all Trump seems more determined to help Chinese workers from ZTE than American workers, which lets say is amazing given that Trump went on forever about how bad China was for the United States. Max tries to square the circle with the fact that Trump wants to help ZTE workers while making it easier to fire American government workers. Does any of this make sense to you? Max still has a hard time understanding why Trump, who Max admits won the election, cannot get over the fact that he did not win the popular vote, and why the GOP who he thought believed in the Constitution, character and sound money, turns out to believe none of those things. Max also gives some advice to Trumps fixer Michael Cohen, mainly, take care of yourself Michael. Finally Max announces another Scumbag of the Week.

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