Max feels, somewhat surprisingly that he has been holding back too much in taking on Donald Trump’s somewhat nutty personality. Max goes back to the start of the Trump administration and his thoughts at the time that Trump might turn out OK, after all Max thinks of himself as an optimist.

Does everyone see the giant bunny, or is it just me?

Unfortunately, Trump has done absolutely nothing for the average working man or woman, and while Max originally was calling out Trumps personality failings early on, he backed off as he felt he was being unfair. Now Max has decided he is being a hypocrite by not pointing out Trumps personality faults and how any sensible adult would have had a long conversation with dad had this been a similar situation at home. Yet this could be worse, as last time Max checked, dad was unlikely to have the codes to a nuclear arsenal. Max then gets into George Orwell, in particular around Orwell’s take on nationalists and how they see things in absolutes and that they are always right. So where are the real patriots, the people in the position of power who could be doing and saying something? Are they that enamored with Power? Does it mean that much to them? History will not be kind to these people.

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