Max explains why he missed a few days of shows because of the Max Miller Dog who took a turn for the worse and needed some of Max Millers attention.

I am really really cross

The good news is that the MMD is doing fine, but only after a $700 vet bill which just goes to prove how expensive owning a dog can be. Max then jumps into the new unemployment rate, which is needless to say looking very good indeed at 3.8%. Max though spends time on how Trump clearly is incapable of keeping a secret by implying in a Tweet that the unemployment numbers would be good news, over one hour before the official announcement. So if Trump cannot keep that a secret, it does make you wonder what other secrets he likes to brag about. Next Max gets into the fact that the Trumpster is clearly not a Republican. The list is endless. Blowing up the deficit. Tariffs. Attacking Canada. I mean, what have the Canadians ever done to the United States? The one person happy about all this is of course Putin, who has to be amazed that Trump is succeeding in splitting the US from its allies beyond Putin’s wildest dreams. Max does question though, forget America First, what about Country First, which to Max means doing what is right for the United States and not party. Of course that is too much to ask of the Cowardly Lion, AKA Paul Ryan.

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