Max is slow to wake up for the Monday show, but he drags himself out of bed to talk about the Max Miller Dog taking a turn for the worse, and that after a $750 vet bill the MMD seems to be doing much better although one of the meds seem to be making the MMD high.

He may be called King, but I am a real king

After talking about the MMD for some time, Max gets into what he really should be talking about such as Donald Trump thinking he is more and more like a king every day, in particular that he is quite capable of pardoning himself. Yes, that’s right kids, the president of the United States is saying he is above the law and it turns out his own lawyers are now admitting that Donald Trump did indeed write the letter claiming the infamous meeting in Trump Tower was not about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton but it was about Russian orphans. So now we have yet more evidence of obstruction of justice to add to ever growing list. And if you think Trump does not have low self-esteem, the fact that Trump has cancelled the Philadelphia Eagles from visiting the White House as not all of the wanted to come should prove to you otherwise. Next it turns out that new wannabe House Speaker Kevin McCarthy cannot even stand up to CNN, so how will he stand up for you and I? Gee wiz.

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