Max hits hump day, but before he gets started Max laments on the fact that he broke a tooth earlier this week, and had to spend part of Wednesday having his tooth fixed, which left Max with a killer headache but fortunately he was able to struggle through and pull together a show. 

See, I told you I had big hands. I mean they’re huuge.

Max starts off by discussing the very weird event that took place on the White House lawn on Tuesday which was supposed to have been the original event with the Philadelphia Eagles, instead it was a forum for Donald Trump to prove how patriotism he is. Which got the Maxter thinking, what is this patriotism thing anyway? What is a healthy form of patriotism, and what is an unhealthy form of patriotism? To Max, anyone who believes that they are more patriotic than someone else simply because of how they vote, then that goes against the grain of what it means to live in a free country. Next Max gets sidetracked and goes into how easy it is to be a so-called conservative talk show host. It is surly the easiest job in broadcasting. Then Max goes back yet again to the Cowardly Lion, Paul Ryan who has at last seem to have hit puberty as his testicles may have dropped a little, as he seem to have the balls to say that Trump was wrong when he said there was a spy inside the Trump campaign. 

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