Max weekend begins with Max saying yet again that he had to spend another $200 on the Max Miller Dog for a grand total of over $1000 in past week or so. Finally after having proven what a dog lover he is, Max moves on to the G7 summit in Canada, where Trump is determined to prove that he knows how turn friends into enemies and enemies into friends.

Look, you will stay on the naughty step until you apologize

Next Max looks at Paul Manafort and wonders what he did with all the money he had, after all wasn’t he supposed to have $18m just from the Ukrainian government alone, and how stupid he must be to think that using an encrypted app like WhatsApp to coach witnesses on what to say would not come to the attention of the Mueller and his team. Max counts down the number of people that Mueller has either got a plea from or has indicted, and realizes that Mueller is the one draining the swamp, not Trump. After all it’s Trump who wants to reward Russia’s bad behavior by allowing them to rejoin the G7, and it is Trump who wants to help Chinese company ZTE by allowing them to start using components from the United States. Next Max goes back to Paul Ryan, otherwise known as the Cowardly Lion who is back to Trump talking points that while Russia did interfere in the election they were not actively helping Trump’s campaign.

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