Max starts his Tuesday show by looking back at the events of the past few days which of course includes the Kim Jong Un meeting in Singapore. As ever Max tries to be fair, meaning that he thinks it is better to talk than to walk, but he does wonder if Kim got a much better deal out of the meeting.

And if you look in the back, you’ll notice my gold toilet

Max outlines what those benefits are. However Max starts by going over his workout routine, and is amazed that he is able to do planks. After Max’s producer pulls Max back on track to talk about world events, Max does question Trumps claim that he stayed awake for 25 hours so he could prepare for the meeting. If that is not a sign of Trumps delusion, then what else would be? Next Max jumps back to the summit in Singapore and goes over the benefits for North Korea, and how they seem to be outweigh anything the United States received, but ever the optimist, Max hopes that some good will come out of all of this. Max also quotes how wonderful Donald thinks Kim Jong Un is, verses how he treats Canada. Which prompts Max to really understand what it is that upsets Donald about Canada, and it has a lot to do with another type of Canadian export, their citizens.

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