Max has a friend remind him that the best response to bad behavior is when they go low, you go high. Max is also pleased to announce that he is now part of the iHeart radio network, even the Maxter has something to celebrate every once in a while.

Now listen kid, can you point out your parents? I am doing my best to reunite you

After having got the announcements out the way, Max moves next directly to the debacle that is the Trump administrations incarceration of young children away from their parents and blaming the Democrats for it, and let’s not forget saying it cannot be fixed by an executive order. All this is backed up by none other than Sean Hannity (AKA Shallow Hal), who says Trump is absolutely correct. Except of course what does Trump do? He says he fixed by, what else, an executive order. The trouble is even after this, no knows how long it will take to get the kids back with their parents, or where the US will put parents with kids, nor even what will happen after 20 days as that is the maximum limit for keeping kids incarcerated. It is good to know Trump and his team has this all well thought out. Finally Max has to give his input into Melania Trumps coat, otherwise know as Coatgate. 

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