In the three months that Max has been doing the Week in Review for the Voice of The Radical Center, he has yet to be convinced that anyone in DCLand, Republican or Democrat has yet to anything for the average working American.

It’s the weekend. Time to start drinking heavily

Max starts off with a plea to the team from Morning Joe, primarily Joe and Mika, in asking them not to suck up so much to the political guests they have either from the left or the right. Plus Mike, please stop saying the word “wow.” The same is true for not expecting that politicians you vote for will really give a damn about you if you keep saying how wonderful they are. Max then gets into what is it that Donald has actually accomplished. No trade deals, no deal with Iran, no deal on North Korea, no infrastructure, no healthcare. Max notices a common theme here. Max then gets into the tariff downsides, not least of which is raising the costs of manufacturing in the United States, including but not limited to, boats, Harleys, nuts and even nails. Next Max gets into yet again the amazing quotes from the Donald that are not slowing down. In fact they seem to be more and more prevalent. Time to call the men in the white suits. Next Max gets to the idea that the so called “strongmen” that Trump seems to like are in fact weak, which is the huge irony. The more “strongmen “ are supposedly strong, the weaker they in fact are. 

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