Max gets to Tuesday just about in one piece, with his focus on Trumps version of Whack-A-Mole as he tries to win the new tariff war which of course he started. Max jumps into the latest version of this game with Harley Davidson now making it plain they will have to manufacture bikes outside of the US in order to sell into the European Union and avoid tariffs they placed on Harley’s.

Here comes the next tariff, stand back everybody, I have this

Was Trumps response, well thought out and orderly, or was it a knee jerk in your face reaction? I think we know the answer already. How dare Harley Davidson embarrass the Trumpster let alone move manufacturing to Europe and to Thailand. Max also goes over yet again the plight of smaller manufacturers including a nail company that might have to lay off half of its workforce. Max has a solution though; raise tariffs on imports of nails! Who knows what is next, although Trump has raved about an easy win by placing tariffs on German cars. The fact is that the United States has been by a country mile, the most successful country in the past one hundred years even though supposedly trade is tilted against us. Meanwhile the numbers for the debt and the deficit are scheduled to explode even more than the worse previous estimates. And Max thought the Republicans cared about the deficit.

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