Max, who likes to think of himself as a breath of fresh air, reminds his listeners that he is really truly an independent, and as if to prove it he really digs into the Democrats and wonders what it is that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer do all day?

Look, we have worked for ten minutes Nancy, I think that’s enough don’t you? Glass of wine? (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

He continues with the election of new Democrats during the primary season that seem to have figured out that if you are an old white guy Democrat, odds are you’re easy to beat. Max then explains that he understands why Trump was elected; he speaks to people who feel they have been ignored by both Democrats and Republicans, if only he was capable of actually passing policies that would help the average American. The real irony is, if the Democrats remembered what it is they used to be for, they could actually subsume Trumps policies. Max then states that it is really time for Nancy and Chuck to go…yet again, although Nancy did say “I am a woman, and a progressive, what more do you want?” That’s it? That’s Nancy claim as to why she should stay on in a leadership role. Next Max goes after Jim Jordan who is the Republican from Ohio and seems to be losing his mind. Finally Max confesses he is confused by WestWorld and admits the only way he keep track of the show is read the summary’s which explain each episode.

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