Max starts his Week In Review program by wondering what Alex Jones brain is worth and decides he will start a GoFundMe to help find it, if for no other reason than Max has big heart.

Can you believe those middle class idiots actually thought the tax cut would help them? (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Then Max jumps right into the Week In Review by starting yet again to look into tariffs and even finds time to talk about lobsters. Yes you read that right, lobsters. Max gets nerdy by going through the tariff’s that exist today, but before he gets way to into nerdsville, next Max looks at how anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat has done anything for the average working American. Max also explains that WSJ doesn’t stand for Wall Street Journal, it does in fact stand for World Socialist Journal as can be proven by their anti-Trump rhetoric. Then Max goes yet again into Donald Trump’s state of mind, which let’s face it, is not good, but Trump’s state of mind seems to be contagious and affecting even moderately sensibly people like Trump’s chief economic adviser who says the deficit is falling fast due to a sharp rise in revenues.

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