Max starts off by explaining what he did for July 4th, and how it is one of his favorite holidays. Then moving directly on, Max has to explain why Scott Pruitt really is a “sad, pathetic little man.” But as Max has explained previously, it is simply because Pruitt just couldn’t put up with being poor around all these wealthy people in the Trump administration.

And see here Mr. President, this is where we’re going to put the Chick-fil-A

Seeing as Pruitt has now resigned, Max wonders how he will make a living and how many members of Trump’s team have quit in only eighteen months. Max does suggest though that if Pruitt wants to avoid the great unwashed he needs to set up an Ubereats account. Although Max does plead that Pruitt does run for office, if for nothing else it would be extremely entertaining. Next Max gets to tariffs and the pain it is causing smaller companies, many of which no doubt voted for the Donster but of course will be ignored by Conservative Media Complex. Somehow Max finds time to talk about Trump’s bowel movements. Finally Max has always said that Trump’s tweets are a window into his soul, even with all the spelling mistakes.

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