Max does his regular week in review to see if anyone, Republican or American has done anything for the average working American, which in the fourteen weeks he has been doing the weekly roundup, the answer is unfortunately no.

Nuf said

Before Max gets into what happened during the week, he has a quick update on his total lack of sports in his DNA and the fact that England beat Sweden in the World Cup, during which Max feels he aged twenty years. Next Max jumps into one of the more controversial topics such as Medicare for all which he believes make total sense and makes a bet it will happen in his lifetime. Of course Max has to talk about tariffs and how Trump has told us trade wars are an “easy win” and goes into some detail about how these tariffs are having an effect in unexpected places such as lobsters, nails and now even soybeans. Next Max quotes an amazing observation on the trade wars which he believes sums up the issues we are now facing. Max is also of the opinion that Trump is itching to place tariffs on German cars, no matter what happens as Trump is really upset that there are so many Mercedes Benz in the United States. Finally Max can’t but crow a bit about the recent trials and tribulations of Scott Jordan and the hypocrites who should be demanding a full and fair inquiry. 

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