Max starts off his late night broadcast by getting totally distracted by of all things, ghosts, cars and dogs. It takes Max’s long suffering producer Dan a few minutes to get Max back in line and to focus on the topics of the day, tariffs, Trump and so much more, but not before Max questions yet again why people think that Tesla’s are actually good cars.

Dear, why are we sitting in a car you want to ban?

So Max starts off riffing about tariffs and how they will affect “zee Germans” who manufacture BMW, Mercedes and others in states that voted for Trump. Max also reminisces about how he was sworn at for the first time on the radio, which Max wonders has he finally lost his radio virginity? And if you think that Donald isn’t itching to place tariffs on German luxury cars, then Max has a bridge in Brooklyn he would like to sell you. Of course these tariffs will also have a negative effect on future investment. Next Max reminds us all that Russia is actually not a strong country at all, but is in fact a country that puts on a good show. Max also explains of all things his difficulty on ordering milkshakes from a drive through..

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