Max starts his week in review by going totally off topic in his week in review by expanding on the fact that he is a car nut and has a somewhat low opinion of Tesla’s. Having driven these many times, and been driven these as often, Max has come to the somewhat sobering conclusion that they really do not feel like a quality product.

Your Majesty, can I get these for my golf course?

Next Max digs into the boring topic of taxes, and who pays them, and it is not as straightforward as you may think. Max then leaps into Trump’s visit to the UK and his somewhat awkward meeting with the Queen where he had tea and crumpets, but then failed in some simple etiquette. Next stop for the Maxster is Trump’s attempt to fix his problems with the British Prime Minister by denying he said anything in an interview with the Sun newspaper that was against the PM, and even suggested that he had recordings which would prove his point. Never mind that the Sun has recordings and said they stand by what Trump said, and called his fake news attack fake news. In other words, Trump tried to deny what everyone heard, plus Max has some sage advice for Fox News. 

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