Max finds that the start of the week is all about Donald’s “summit” with Putin and that he never even gets to any other subject whatsoever, although he does find time to respond to all the hate mail he received after daring to criticize Tesla’s and Elon Musk it’s founder.

Great job press conference Donald, I’m going to bump up your appraisal to an A+ Photo: Mikhail Metzel/Mikhail Metzel/TASS

And let’s not forget that Musk called one of the divers who helped get the kids and their coach out of the caves a “pedo” for daring to criticize Musk for offering to use a custom made sub to get the kids out. Musk now shows his true colors and also that he is really not a classy guy after all. Then Max jumps into the main points by starting out with the fact that Trump seems to have forgotten where his own father was born. Having floated Trump’s mental state yet again, Max then jumps into Trump and Putin’s press conference where Donald equates the fact that his own intelligence agencies may have been right, but they may have been wrong also as Putin told Trump “strongly and powerfully” that he didn’t do any interference in the US election. Well that clears that up then. Max didn’t even have time to talk about tariffs and the negative effect on Trump’s voters. 

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