Max kicks off his mid-week show, by wondering what the word “Grand” means in the Grand Old Party and if anyone in the GOP would actually stand up for what they believe is right. In particular the Cowardly Lion, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham who never quite seem to be able to grow a spine, yet they wear the American flag on their lapels just to prove to us how patriotic they are.

I said “no? Darn I meant “yes.” Please quickly someone get me Sean Hannity. I need some “me time.”

Then Max gets into Donald Trump’s word salad when he tries to explain the difference between “wouldn’t” and “would.” The only person who seemed to believe this was Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity who are looking more servile with each passing day and are clearly wondering what it is they have got themselves into. Although Ingram is clearly so naive that she would let anyone who says they are from Microsoft access her home PC. Of course we have absolutely no idea what was discussed during the two hour meeting with Putin even though Trump claims it was great success. Then Max jumps into the Democrats, where the hell are you?? Are not capable of doing anything for the average American. Finally even though he is running out of time, Max does find a few minutes to talk about tariffs. 

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