Max starts off by reminding us that politicians are really, usually scum who deserve limited respect at best are in fact below lawyers and used car salesman. As ever Max tries to cover an entire week in less than thirty minutes, but fails miserably.

Don’t tell him, buI have Donalds performance evaluation right here. It needs improvement Trump: AP/Evan Vucci; Putin: AP

He starts off with Trump’s already infamous meeting with Putin and reminds us we have no idea what was agreed to, and reminds us that had Clinton or Obama done this, then Shallow Hal (Sean Hannity) would have had a stroke on live TV. It’s made worse of course that Trumps own people have no idea what was discussed with Putin, but Max does have one fact, Putin gave Trump his annual performance review and it was probably very good. Max then reminds us that why should we care about Russia, given that Russia’s GDP per person is the same as Mexico, and their entire GDP is the same as Italy’s? Next Max gets back into that helpless gimboid Carter Page who seems to have been born with a permanent foot in his mouth. Then Max goes over how the phrase should not be “America First” but really “Citizens First,” as a president should represent all Americans when it comes to the security and safety of its citizens. Max also goes over yet again about Trump’s mental issues when Trump stated that is father was born in Germany….um.. not true. Trumps dad was born in the US. Next Max gets into all the payoff and affairs that Trump seems to have had and how Mrs. Trump cried when she found out Trump had won the election. No wonder. Finally Max explains, yet again how Trumps Tariffs will really affect the Average Working Man or Woman

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