Max hits the ground running with the amazing news that the Republicans are OK with not only blowing up the deficit, adding to the debt, tariffs and now subsidies for a key part of the American economy they are in fact OK with the Donald turning the USA into the USSR (United States Socialist Republic).

Look, I know I am screwing American farmers, but trust me, you will all receive this great hat (Photo AP)

The amazing news is that the GOP is allowing the Donster to put farmers on welfare. Max thought they were against this type of thing, in particular allowing the government to pick winners and losers, but hey we do live in strange times. Perhaps we’re in Stranger Things Upside Down. All this is driven of course by the magic of tariffs which Donald thinks are a great thing, along with that other well-known Republican Chuck Schumer. Next Max revisits why Donald Trump really doesn’t like Angela Merkel, and the Germans, even though as he said, his own father was born in Germany. (He wasn’t). Finally Max gets into the lack of brain for poor old Alex Jones who seems to be getting more desperate by the minute. 

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