Max starts his week in review by talking about the new Tom Cruise movie, Mission Impossible 38, and Alex Jones, who Max now understands is really a sad desperate man craving attention while he sells nonsense and conspiracy theories.


Max discusses how Alex Jones has been censured by both Fakebook and YouTube yet it is nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and Max makes an impassioned plea to those platforms to remove his scuzzy presence. Next it turns out that Michael Cohen has had a busy week, with a recording of him and Donald talking about paying off a woman he had an affair with right after his son was born. What a standup guy. Also it appears that according to Cohen, Trump knew about the now infamous meeting in Trump Tower which would be how shall we say this, slightly legally problematic for the Donald. Max then finds out that George Will actually agrees with the Maxster when he says that Donald Trump is turning the United States into the USSR. Max is honored and amazed George, although he does wonder how we’re supposed to listen to the Donald who is now saying don’t believe what you are seeing. Well that’s one way to avoid bad news. 

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