Max makes his regular week debut by discussing his alcoholic drink of the day, which he needs just to keep up with what’s going on in DC Land as well as the other dinks Max keeps stocked in the Max Miller studio in beautiful sunny downtown Austin, Texas. Max also spends a few minutes answering an email about where the picture of the Max Miller Dog was taken.

Time to throw Rudy off Donald

Then having got all the important items out of the way, Max digs into what’s been going on, and naturally he has to start with Rudy Giuliani, who seems to be slowly losing his mind, and perhaps not doing his best job for his number client, the Donster after all. Of course Max has to focus on Rudy’s words of wisdom, “No one can be sure of anything.” Hmmmm. Increase the med dosage Rudy. Max then figures out what the problem is with Rudy and the Donald, they are both patients of Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock. Max does find time to remind Rudy that it is in fact illegal to obtain information about an opposite politician from a foreign power for your use during a federal election. Next Max reminds us of all the wacky off the wall nutty things that Alex Jones has said, and reminds us that Donald Trump is fan. How do we know? He told him on Alex’s show. Finally Max goes over the number of top issues for the average working American. 

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