Max hits his Friday show wondering if he is losing his mind, of course is it any wonder given the state of affairs in the US today, where we find out that up is down, left is right, Trump is right and we’re all wrong. Max then digs into what is it the number one thing that is on Americans minds? Is it the Russian investigation?

And then I told them the press they are not the enemy (Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images)

Is it fake news? Nope, it is healthcare, which is the one thing no one is DC, Republican or Democrat is talking about. Max wonders then explains how he is at war with his own cabinet members as to whether Russia is still a threat to the US elections, especially after four of them stood up in front the nation stating that Russia was in fact a real threat. Not only did Trump not bother to endorse this statement, only a few hours later he Tweeted that anything do with Russia was still a hoax and a witch hunt. Max then wonders as he has done before why we care about Russia so much? After all, their GDP per person is the same as Mexico’s. You know, the same people who are sending us their rapists and perhaps, possibly, maybe, some good people. So why the fixation on Russia Donald? Lastly, Max reminds Marco Rubio, who seems to be such as busy little guy, of the oath he took before assuming office, as well as pleading yet again for the Democrats, Granny and Grandpa, Nancy and Chuck to actually lead a valid opposition.

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