Max starts the week late, Tuesday to be exact as he needed a day off, or as the Donald would call it, some “executive time,” although in this case the Max Miller Dog has decided to join Max in the Max Miller Studio where Max enjoys a really nice cup of tea. Max also explains that being an independent is actually quite hard as the right wing people get mad and the left wing want to cry.

See? I am just like everybody else. Totally normal. Now where are my damn meds?

Max finds he either wants to slap them silly or give them a hug. Max then gets in to Donald Trump’s choice of the characters he hangs out with. If you can judge a person by their friends then you have to wonder about Trump’s choices, not forgetting of course that Trump told us he would hire only the very best. Next Max gets into Paul Manafort and his trial, which is proving by the hour the old adage that there is no honor amongst thieves. But why does Manafort think he can win this case? Can you spell “pardon” everybody? Obviously Max has to get into fellow Austinite Alex Jones being kicked off of just about every social platform on the planet, although let’s not forget these companies are private and can do what they want. But Max does offer some solid advice and ideas for getting cheap meds from Canada, and makes the suggestions that Alex come on the Max Miller show so that he can explain how the whole world is against him, but one thing is for sure, Alex sure does whine a lot. Naturally Little Tucker Carlson has to come to his aid. After all this it is amazing Max finds time to talk about tariffs. Phew!

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