Max starts his first show of the week explaining that he needs more executive time like the Donald, which is why he has been taking Mondays off just so he can catch a breath to recover from all that is going on in DCland.

See, black people love me too Pool/Getty Images

For a change Max starts off by analyzing Nancy Pelosi verses the Republicans who have held the same position as House Speaker, amongst the people who Max looks at, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert. Next gets into the Trump scandal De Jour, which is the ex-Trump sycophant Omarosa seems to have been recording conversations since 2016, for an amazing two years it turns out, which means there are many other shoes to drop with all these recordings. Only in a Trump White House would someone feel they need to record it would seem every conversation. Mind you after reading what Omarosa has said went on in the White House, you have to admire her foresight in doing the recordings in the first place. Next Max marvels at another woman, in this case Sarah Sanders for her fortitude in dealing with the Donster and the press from the free world. At what point does this woman break? Of course the hard part for her was trying to explain how Donald Trump has not used the N-word “as far as she is aware.” Yikes. Amazingly Max actually has some nice things to say about Fox News. What has Max been drinking? Finally Max makes an appeal to Mark Burnett the producer from The Apprentice. 

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