Max decides to he cannot wait to get his latest recording in the bag, so he drags his long suffering producer Dan down to the illustrious Max Miller studio as inspiration decided to strike, and Max didn’t want to miss it. After all, inspiration is sorely missing from Max Millers life it would seem. So what inspired Max to get down to the studio at 1am so he can get his thoughts down on tape?

Listen dog, only one of us can pull this off, and it’s not you!

Max has come to the conclusion that the way to media greatness is to be insulted by Donald Trump, so Max asks Trump to please insult him. Max will take any insult, a dog, a liar, a pig, the dumbest, whatever takes the Trumpsters fancy, Max will take it, although he is not sure there is too much benefit for being in the same company as Omarosa, but clearly Omarosa is a street smart woman. Omarosa did say that she Donald trump eating paper… Charlie what now? Max also tries to reach out to Alex Jones again, as his media empire is under attack, to offer him the chance to appear on the Max Miller program to explain his views as he is in Austin with Max, and not only that Max would help Alex regulate his meds which are clearly not up to snuff. Next Max jumps into John Brennan having is security clearance evoked, yet somehow Mike Flynn, who is under indictment, is still able to keep his. Yikes!

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