See, I told you I could hold my breath for longer than any of you losers

Max gets ready for the long weekend by reminding us that both Republicans and Democrats in DC are failing the average working man or woman, and also reminds us that many of the Trump policies from the campaign are ones that Max could believe in. This is what it has come to, Trump claims that China hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails, so the FBI had to say this is not true. So Trump’s own FBI tells him he is wrong. Yikes! Then Trump claims that the NBC Lester Holt interview was “fudged,” which makes Max ask is Trump simply like the old song “It wasn’t me”? Deny everything until people question whether they are losing their minds. Next Max examines Trumps Tweets from the past few hours, which seem never ending, attacking the press, which Max thought was protected by the Constitution something so-called Conservatives used to care about.  Although Trump does find time to attack books, Google and to state that he would like to see a Conservative social media site. It’s called the Internet Donald, although Max does take the time to explain to Donald how all this could work. Finally Max explains how Trump says the Democrats could be violent unless the evangelicals help him out. 

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