Max is back after Labor Day and is amazed that even he cannot keep track of what is going on in Trumpland, so to start his week Max decides to start drinking heavily as after all the Max Miller Studio does have a well-equipped bar, for a very good reason as we all should recognise. 

If I don’t get my weekly juice you’re done for. Got that?

His thirst quenched Max jumps into Trump’s attack yet again on Jeff Sessions this time criticizing Jeff for going after two Trump congressmen, Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter, although Max does choose Rep Hunter as his favorite of the two just for the sheer gall of the man. Next Max does get to go after one of his favorite targets The Cowardly Lion, Paul Ryan who Max asks yet again if Ryan as ever gone through puberty. Next Max has to jump into the hot news of the day, Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear Inside The Trump White House,” and all the juicy stories which are mentioned. But as Max points out there is a running thread through all the stories and books that seem to come out about Donald Trump , and that is the chaos and pandemonium in the White House, and Max asks the basic question, who would believe that none of this was true? After all, as Max has said many times, Trump’s tweets, which Max believes are often sent while Trump is on his gold toilet are in fact windows into his soul, and simply reinforces the stories we hear about him as potentially true. Finally Max has some incredible news in Trump’s misinformation about John McCain. 

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