Max has a shock when he finds out that the Max Miller studio is running out of alcohol. What is a boy to do? Next Max gets into ideas for a book, we have had Fire and Fury, Fear, and now Max has another idea for a book title also beginning with F. 

Trump’s butler: See this is where I would drop my op-ed for the Times to pick up

Of course Max has to get going on the Big News, and that of course the op-ed piece published anonymously in the New York Times and how much fun it is to watch Trump and his fellow travelers run around like the Max Miller Dog looking for a tennis ball, many of them saying “it wasn’t me.” Of course the news on the op-ed piece is not what it said, but that it was said at all. Trumps reactions to him are in fact predictable. In other words, Trumps unpredictably is totally predictable. Max has yet another plea to Fox News, want to be a hero, want to get rich, push the president, and poke him when you have the chance. Create a reaction and you will be remembered. Just like David Frost with Richard Nixon. They even made a movie about that! Max does have a mixed view of the now famous New York Times op-ed piece however, and wonders how this could have been handled differently. Max has an amazing solution for Trump’s trust issues, and that is bring in a bunch of Russians over to run the cabinet.

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