Max and his long suffering producer are quite pleased with themselves as they have been able to re-stock the bar in the Max Miller Studio, as Max finds heavy doses of alcohol numbs any pain he has from these political times. 

Can someone explain to me why the United States seems to be taking a piss

Max spends a few minutes giving us his view of 9/11 and then jumps into Donald Trump’s take on Hurricane Florence which apparently is going to be “tremendously wet.” Great observation there Donald. Max then announces his new nickname for Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity which he has now decided to call them the Sour Twins. Max also spends some time delivering his new theory on who wrote the now infamous op-ed that was in the New York Times, where he decides it’s much more like Murder on the Orient Express. Then Max gets into the new Bob Woodward book which came out on 9/11, which Trump says is a pack of lies. Who are you going to believe, Max explains, Woodward or Trump. Besides is there anything in the book that surprises you? It would be a surprise if Woodward said that Trump really is a very stable genius and can actually stay awake for 25 hours straight. Now THAT would have been real news, instead all we have is confirmation of what we have heard before. Next Max jumps into the massive increase in the deficit under a Republican majority. Holy cow!

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