Max starts off this show by lamenting that his glass of Scotch is 95% empty, so much so that Max’s long suffering producer Dan having listened to Max moan for too long drops everything to come in and refill the glass. Max does wonder when Paul Ryan will grow a pair, when Trump will tell the truth, and when Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity will actually tell the truth to their own audience.

I see dead people. Tell the President

Although Max is feeling good about Trump’s words of wisdom that hurricanes are “tremendously wet,” which is something Max had never heard before from a President. Ever. Such insight. Next Max reminds everyone, yet again that he did actually believe in several of Trump’s policies, unfortunately Trump has failed miserably to deliver on any of them. Next Max has to jump into Trumps now infamous Tweet about how it is a Democrat plot to make him look bad when it was announced nearly 3000 people died in Puerto Rico. Then Max decides if anyone should be called “snowflakes” it should be Republicans. Everyone is out to get them, Google, Facebook, the press, Deep State, it’s amazing there are any Republicans in office at all. Max cannot resist one more dig at Geraldo Rivera. Max does have some good news though from the tax cut, it is now much cheaper to buy a corporate jet. Who says the tax cuts aren’t helping the middle class. 

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