Max hits midweek with of course a take on the Kavanaugh nomination for the Supreme Court. You would think that if the GOP believed in Kavanaugh they would allow for an open forum into his actions or not as the case may be.

I am smiling, now fuck off

But as the GOP has not released all his documents, nor wants to call more than the “he said she said” witnesses, it does make you wonder what it is they’re trying to hide. Plus you would think that Kavanaugh would want to be cleared even if it delays his sitting on the Supreme Court, and that he would want his friend Mark Judge to testify, not that this has stopped the GOP from trying to rush the inauguration of Kavanaugh through.  And let’s not forget that Dr. Ford has options even if she does not appear for the hearing on Monday. Then Max has to go back to poor old Jeff Sessions and yet more slings and arrows thrown at him by Donald Trump, why does he even stay? Max doesn’t even have time to get to how the GOP has blown up the deficit and Trump doesn’t even get his wall.

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