Maxster is late with his show as he was sick which he has been told not to describe in too much detail by his long suffering producer Producer Dan, although Max is trying to lower his use of Anglo-Saxon swear words after getting trouble with the suits at the various radio stations that carry him.

I tell you, Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court. Meanwhile who cares kids are dying in S. Carolina, this is far more important

Max has to start though with going into detail on what is it that the Democrats stand for and urging yet again that they take some of Trump’s ideas and run with them, although this doesn’t stop Max from explaining in such detail that Producer Dan finds disconcerting. Having got that out the way, Max has to jump into Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony which came across to Max as belligerent and defensive. Not exactly the temperament for a Supreme Court Justice Max concludes. Max though has some words of comfort for Kavanaugh, the blame for his position is not in the Maxsters eyes Brett’s, the fault resides firmly with the Scarecrow, Mitch McConnell for trying to ram Kavanaugh’s nomination through in the first place. It is McConnell who let Kavanaugh down, and gave him bad advice on how to handle the hearings. Next Max has to get into Lindsey Graham’s fake calls of shame for the whole mess being the fault of the Democrats, but meanwhile Lindsey’s state of South Carolina is not doing well in key areas but Graham spends his energy having outrage about a judge. Way to go Lindsey.

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