Max starts his week by broadcasting from the Illustrious Max Miller Studio in Beautiful Sunny Downtown Austin, TX. Max also does his best to not talk about Brett Kavanaugh but in the end fails miserably. Max starts off by talking about NAFTA 2.0, otherwise known as USMCA (or as Max calls it, Yoosmucca), and examines what the real difference between NAFTA 1.0 and USMCA?

Why is he taking our picture? Because our milk can now be shipped to Canada

It turns out as you might expect, not a lot despite Trump saying it is a world class trade deal which is about as well as the so-called middle class tax cut went over. Next Max gets a bit wonkish as he describes what is happening to the American farmer and how overall Trump is making the American farmer much worse off despite what the White House is saying. To prove his point Max gets into the average increases in pay, which on the surface seem like a great deal for the Average Working American, but in fact this is not such a good deal after all as higher income earners are the ones getting the biggest share of the increase. Finally Max gets into some thoughtful analysis of what Brett Kavanaugh should have done in order to win over the Democrats which was mainly to hand out beer.

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